March 21, 2014 Laundry Day

We are running under engine power through the Doldrums. We’ve only burned through a few gallons of diesel since leaving the Golden Gate and we’re doing very well on fuel supply. The water is a stunning blue. Topped off our freshwater tanks today and did the laundry! Crisp linens line dried on the rail, nothing better! 94 degrees inside the cabin so we spent the majority of the day taking cold freshwater showers in the cockpit. Thank god for the Spectra water maker! We’ve rigged up full sun shade awnings and the golf umbrella is the perfect fit for the side! Makes a huge difference. Looks like a few days of calm before we pick up the SE trades, GRIBs showing nice 15 knots in 96 hours time. We’re about 200 miles from the Equator and are officially 2/3 of the way to the Marquesas!! 130 mile day yesterday noon-noon.

0331 Zulu
2 59′ 97″ N
129 20′ 76″ W
SOG 6.2 kts

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