Peter’s Journals

March 3, 2011 Sidney to Silva Bay

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

At the 0600 alarm we shot out of bed and got underway immediately.  We had a very relaxing sail all day today, riding a light southerly wind (leftovers from the previous day’s storm) as we glided up the Trinconalmi Channel.  Morning dawned partly sunny as fantastic pink show squalls swept the top of Saltspring Island.  Most of the day we were dry, but we did get nailed by two of the squalls.  The second squall dumped an inch of fine hail on our decks as I cinched up the hood of my Mustang suit to protect my head!  Occasionally, we fired up the engine to maintain good speed over ground toward our destination.  But most of the day we relaxed under sail while watching all the pretty islands and cliffs slide by.  Kelsey made a fantastic lunch with our chicken leftovers– “lettuce wraps” inspired by PF Chang.  They were AWESOME!  We basked in the sun while we ate!  Tides were just right for slipping through the current-ridden Gabriola Pass at the end of the day.  An uneventful transit– just the way we like it!  We found a nice quiet corner in Silva Bay and dropped the hook for the night.

March 2, 2011 Layover Day in Sidney, BC

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Last night the wind shrieked through the harbor at a sustained 45 knots, gusting much higher!  I slept like a rock through most of it, only getting up to check lines etc.  I am SO thankful to be safe in port, instead of on sleepless anchor watch, particularly after the exhaustion of beginning a voyage.  Overall it was a pleasant day of catching up on all the boat chores we didn’t do in PT.  Kelsey cleaned up the last of the vomit from the decks– leftovers from some of our more “hydrated” guests at the bon voyage party in PT!  One guest in particular ate a few tins of picked herring and a huge bottle of Sailor Jerry’s rum, and I won’t go into further detail, other than that I had to tether him into the cockpit so he wouldn’t fall overboard.  Consequently, he puked all over the dodger all night long…  We bolted down the new wood stove and I can’t wait for our first fire on the hook, in the Gulf Islands!  I love the new wood stove!  She’s got a lot of character.  We prepared “Privateer” for the seaway today, finding proper homes aboard for all gear, with cruising items taking precedence.  Everything is stowed down nicely.  Today was a great day of rest, work, and relaxation.  It sure is great to be on voyage again, with everything we need right here on the boat.  No cars, no lists, no errands to run.  Just time to go sailing!

March 1, 2011 Port Townsend, WA to Sidney, BC

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

We sailed under jib alone all day today, soaring across the Juan de Fuca in a stiff southeasterly.  As it turns out, we snuck across just in between storms.  We made a wonderful passage in quick time!  Due to last night’s bon voyage party, I slept like a rock through the alarm, missing a bit of the favorable tide as a result.  But there was a whole capful of wind in the Straits, and we blasted right through the opposing current.  “Privateer” is proving again and again that she is a SOLID ride!  She comfortably shrugged off the roughest seas that the Juan de Fuca handed her today, with casual grace.  As we sailed inside of Sidney Island, Kelsey spotted a “pod” of seals, swimming and diving through the waves like porpoises.  Pod and “Privateer” passed eachother about 50 yards off, each going businesslike in their own direction.  The seals nodded a quick greeting of acknowledgement, then turned their attentions back to splashing through the on-coming rollers.  We did the same, making a bee-line toward Sidney through rip-tides and square waves.  Under full speed, the tiller felt wonderful.

I am thrilled to be away from the dock in PT, all checked through Canadian Customs, and in the safe harbor of Sidney tonight!  Winds are forecast to blow SE 60 knots tomorrow, which is an early spring gale at its finest!  For now we will take a much-needed rest as we wait for the storm to howl through.  It’s already blowing 35 out there, I am exhausted, and too tired to write any more tonight.  The beginning of a voyage is indeed a special time–I am very proud of my ship and my crew (who is hogging the blankets right now).  We are warm, dry, and happy after a stellar sleigh-ride sail!  Privateer aced the run today.