Voyage Journals


Pacific NW Expeditions captain Peter Frost and wife Kelsey Boesch keep written accounts of their voyages. Their journals provide useful information for mariners seeking local knowledge about sailing the Inside Passage, Alaska, BC, and the north Pacific coast. Read all about our exciting adventures and contact us if you seek further knowledge about a specific area.  Enjoy!

Vicky Frost keeps Peter’s journal entries updated throughout his voyages. Often she receives them hand-written in the mail and and posts them on this site.

Thanks mom!

Privateer Around the World: 2013-2017

Privateer has circled the globe!  Alaska to SF to Marquesas to NZ via the Coconut Run, then on to Vanuatu & over the top of Australia, across the Indian Ocean to South Africa, then on to St Helena & across the Atlantic  to the Caribbean & up the US East Coast to NYC, then to the St. Lawrence Seaway and Pine Island.  2 salty children born en-route!  Click the above link to read our journals from the ocean.  Read all about it here!

Alaska ’05: The Odyssey

S/V “Silent Partner” embarks on a 7, 500 mile journey through the wilds of Alaska and BC!  Peter and and crew sail their beloved O’Day 27 from Washington to Homer Alaska and back again, and everywhere in between! They catch the winter winds up the Inside Passage, brave towering seas in the Gulf of Alaska, saddle up to the mighty glaciers of Prince William sound, sail down the Kenai Peninsula, figure-8 the Queen Charlottes and back to Puget Sound via the west coast of Vancouver Island.  This is “the Bible” for the mother of all Alaskan sailing voyages!

Sitka to Port Townsend: Offshore

What happens when your engine conks out in Alaska and there’s nobody around to fix it?  Sail the high seas back to “civilization” via the offshore route!  What follows is an incredible 8-day journey that transforms three greenhorns into offshore veterans.  S/V “Aurora” and her crew of 4 sail at the heels of a HUGE northwesterly, encounter monster waves, and clear the entire west coast of Vancouver Island on a single tack!  The Valiant 40 is up to the task.  Written by Pacific NW Expeditions client Carol McCreary.

Winter in Baranof: Kelsey’s Journals!

New Year’s Day 2012–Kelsey and Peter set sail into the teeth of the Alaskan winter!  Follow Kelsey as she sails S/V “Privateer” from Wrangell to Baranof via the infamous Rocky Pass.  At Baranof Hot Springs, Kelsey and Peter become winter caretakers, enjoying life in a rustic cabin (with hot water!) while the boat “hibernates” for the winter.  Shortly after their arrival an arctic blast sweeps down from the north!  The whole bay becomes ice-locked like Shackleton’s “Endurance” as Kelsey tries to keep ahead of the snow and ice…

Peter’s 2012 Journals

Straight from the Captain’s log of S/V “Privateer.”  Welcome aboard!  Follow along for the ride during our 2012 spring/summer/fall sailing Expedition season in Alaska.  This site will be updated throughout the 2012 season as internet access allows–keep watching for new journal entries here!  Captain Frost’s journals are intended to provide a useful and entertaining look into the cruising life in Alaska, and for those interested in making their own passages or joining us on an Expedition!

Voyages of “Silent Partner” ’08

S/V “Silent Partner” is the beloved ship that sparked the dream of Pacific NW Expeditions.  In this journal she voyages from Bellingham to Baranof Island and back.  If you lined up all the Alaska and BC voyages end-to-end on “Silent Partner” her mileage track would take you 3/4 of the way around the globe!!  Here is just a sample of the countless, incredible and happy voyages that were had by our brave “Silent Partner.”