Here’s what our clients are saying about Pacific NW Expeditions!

“Pete, Thank you so much for taking this trip with us! I can’t imagine a better captain to sail with us. You not only made the Seattle-Juneau trip possible in this short time frame, but your extensive knowledge and tips will be helpful for years to come, and your positive and calm demeanor were a pleasure in all conditions!! Best wishes to you and your lovely family! Thanks for a fantastic passage!”

–Kelly Pretorien, 35′ delivery from Seattle to Juneau

“I wanted to really see if I could build my confidence to get to a level where I know I could do it myself. Peter is a born sailor, he has salt in his veins, always thinking around the corner, outside the box. Extremely confident with no apparent ego, or adrenaline junkie kind of attitude. They where so professional. Both are well educated and have strong family roots, they love life! There was always so much to talk about. Peter is a walking story book, he has experiences to tell of that most people can only imagine. He is not a show off and always mindful of what your needs are. Kelsey is a kick ass cook, super sweet mellow talented gal. She was new to sailing and does a great job handling the boat. They have all the books on the boat you would ever need to learn understand or trouble shoot anything that comes up. They will let you do as much as you want. We always talked clearly about what was going to happen next, what could be a potential danger, how to determine and avoid problems. I was so enamored with all the beautiful sights and the history of the places we where, often times I just had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. The boat is a work of art. I love Cape George boats. I have been to the boat yard here and talked to some of the guys working on a 40 foot full keel monster. The place is impressive, the crew there go above and beyond most. Going up to the North and South Sawyer glacier through Tracy Arm was out of this world. Peter knew every ripple of water, every land mark, cliff, valley, tree, migration of bird. It was obvious he had been there many times. Some of the markers where washed away probably from the ice bergs at the time of year I was there, but he knew the depths currents tides well before we were even supposed to be spotting markers. The equipment on the boat is all up-to-date well maintained, and I always felt safe. Any options where always discussed between the three of us. I could go on and on. I am new to this as well, and now have a piggy bank for sail boat fund. I would say to anyone fortunate enough to be able to go sail in Southeast Alaska with Peter n Kelsey, on the Privateer, this will change you and I would do it a million times over.”

–Trish Berry, 10-day Expedition Alaska, Ketchikan to Juneau

“Well hello Peter, hope you are having yet another great adventure up north. I envy your outlook and life–you truly live the day to day life we are meant to live. Don’t ever give up that dream. Donalda and I are sailing with confidence thanks to your patient and structured teaching. We are as anal as you are with process and safety–you have firmly driven that into us and it is the right thing to do. I can’t tell you how much fun we are having on the water and we have the confidence it requires. We are not perfect but whenever things get sketchy we just stop and say ‘what did Peter say about this’ and we calmly do it as taught–thanks for that and especially for giving Donalda that confidence she needed to truly enjoy the moment on the water–something she has feared her whole life. Tuesday we were out in the best wind ever, about 13-16kts and we had the boat clipping along at 6+kts and at angles we never experienced–sort of fun and a rush at the same time. I love pushing it, but with with baby steps. Take care and perhaps we will see you on your return south. All the best to you both.”

–Ron and Donalda, Sailing instruction aboard a Yamaha 26, Point Roberts

“Dear Editors (Fodors Alaska 2012), I just returned from a 7-day sailing trip down the inside passage of southeast Alaska. It was a one of kind adventure! Trips are small and tailored to the client’s wishes. A very personalized and reasonably priced guided sailing trip. It also includes sailing instruction if desired. The Captain is extremely knowledgeable about the area’s wildlife and technical sailing. Plus the food is great! I hope you will add Pacific NW Expeditions to your list of guided expeditions.”

–Kim Steinberg, Week-long Expedition Alaska, Wrangell to Meyers Chuck to Wrangell

“Hi Peter and Kelsey, I don’t know if James has contacted you, but I thought I’d let you know that we made it to Homer after an uneventful trip. We left Sitka on the 2nd and anchored north of Salisbury sound. We left there on the 3rd and arrived in Yakutat the morning of the 5th. Waited a couple of days there for a wx window and left on the 7th. Made Homer on the 11th am. Honestly, it was a blast. You two are to be envied for your choices in life. I checked out your web site, of course, and realised what a unique lifestyle /career you have. That night at the Warm Springs will be remembered fondly, two guys and one 12 string, great entertainment! Oh yes the rum is gone. Thank you for putting your professional eye on our rig, deck, and off-shore experience. I for one do appreciate the time spent with us. I will certainly recommend your operation to folks who are looking for the experience you offer.
Fair winds, and looking forward to our next meeting.”

–Glenn, Offshore sailing consultation on a Westsail 32, Baranof Warm Springs bay

“Pete: Thanks for a great weekend! I really enjoyed sailing the K&G with you and Jason. What a wonderful boat! Our sail across the Juan de Fuca was exceptional.
Trevor: Nice pic! Thanks again for the adventure, I’ll get on Jason to send a few of his choice shots our way. The best thing about the moorage is that I get to see the K&G on my way to/from work. It was a great way to start my commute today though it also made me long to be back on board.
Jason: It’s like sailing around the world alone, but with two more people and not as far.”

–Gillmer Blue Moon, “Slocum-Style” sailboat delivery, Victoria to Lake Union

“Hi Peter and Kelsey,the boat was the highlight of the trip and we can’t stop talking about it. We had a positively spectacular time! Down to the last detail it was an inspiring experience. I’ve been glorifying, in my mind, the idea of cruising for a couple years, and you exceeded my expectations in many ways. The San Juans were a great choice on your part. I’m dreaming of Deer Harbor til I see it again. We can’t thank you enough for the hospitality (that’s a special thanks to Kelsey from some food lovers) Take care.”

–Tyler & Ginny Week-long Expedition Charter on “Privateer,” San Juan Islands, WA

“You have a great teaching style that was very clear for both of us. Sherry and I really enjoyed both you and Kelsey. You are a charming couple. I will be in touch and look forward to some more sailing lessons and improving our abilities as sailors! Take care!”

–Merlin Schreiner, s/v “Island Maiden”, Sailing Instruction on Pacific Seacraft Flicka, Port Townsend, WA

“Still reflecting dreamily on our trip–and about future journeys–and unable to do anything as mundane as edit photos. We’ll let you know when Aurora is ready for us to head back to PT; or you can just give a look yourself. Thanks for making the trip so special for everybody. We feel transformed by an amazing experience. Thank you.”

–Carol and Jack McCreary, s/v “Aurora 40, ocean-passage Delivery from Sitka, AK to Port Townsend, WA

“Peter, thanks for helping bring “Time Bandit” back from Hawaii. It was a great adventure and you are a pleasure to sail with. If I ever have another delivery to make offshore I would not hesitate to invite you along again.”

–Bob Brunius, s/v “Time Bandit”, J-120, Delivery from Maui, HI to Orcas, WA

“I’ve asked Captain Frost to help skipper my 5-ton cutter on several occasions, but I was never more thankful for his knowledge, safety awareness, and quick thinking than the bitter cold winter day that we ended up in a strong gale with spray freezing on the decks and rigging. I don’t imagine I would have made it back safely without his help.”

–Dean Wallace, s/v “Reepacheep”, Spencer 30, Sailing Expedition on Bellingham Bay

“I’ve sailed on Silent Partner with Peter many times from day sails, to a month-long trip from Bellingham to Juneau. I’ve always had a great time, which is one of Peter’s priorities. But before that is the safety and condition of his boat. I’ve always felt like he knew what to be prepared for and had the necessary equipment and knowledge to do that. I’ll never forget sailing by icebergs and watching glaciers calve into fjords off the Inside Passage… some incredible adventures I’d jump at the opportunity to do again.”

–Lee Harrison-Smith, Voyage Alaska Expedition 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010

“I went over to the boat today. 35 knot gusts, 18 foot swells, rain and more rain! Guess we picked a good time to make the trip! We’re ready to do it again! Kim loved it. Thanks for your hard work and thoughtfulness in making this a successful adventure! We both would like to do another trip together with you.”

–Pete & Kim Thanos, s/v “Angele” Hallberg-Rassy 43, offshore delivery from Port Hadlock, WA to Astoria, OR

“Peter, we had a whirlwind few days in the Pacific NW, that’s for sure. We had a lot of fun with friends in Seattle, but sharing a bottle of wine with you and Kelsey was a main highlight of our trip! Thank you so much for taking the time to pick us up in Sequim and having us on your boat. I really appreciate it!”

–Margaret Winnen, Expedition Charter, Puget Sound & Alaska

“Thanks so much for your interest in this trip and your professionalism. I would be very happy to pass your name onto anyone who requires this service. All the best.”

–Paul Preston, Delivery Conultation, Comox, BC

“I highly recommend Pete Frost’s Pacific NW Expeditions. I spent a month with Pete and Kelsey on Privateer circumnavigating Chichagof Island in SE Alaska in the summer of 2012 and literally had the best month of my life. Spending a month with them on a boat, I got to know them quite well and they are both amazing people. Both of them are very personable, kind and interesting and I immediately felt comfortable. I took an expedition with Pete to increase my sailing skills and have an adventure at the same time. I found Pete to be an excellent teacher, with lots of patience, good at providing the support I needed to increase my skills and he is excellent in explaining things–I learned a ton from him. He is also very safety orientated, which was very important to me. Kelsey is an amazing cook and a great person to be around–I have never eaten so well. Their boat Privateer is a Cape George cutter which is a very special boat–basically a wood boat inside a fiberglass hull. Privateer is gorgeous below–all wood as you can see from the pictures on his website and she sails wonderfully. I kept a daily blog of our month long sail so if you want to hear more details, go to: winchwench.blogspot.com

–Talia Goeke, Month-Long Expedition–Cricumnavigating SE Alaska’s Chichagof Island

“Pete, It was truly a pleasure to have you on this voyage with us. Thank you for all the fun, hard work, advice, and knowledge shared! We could not have made this trip without you! Also, we both really appreciate how easy it was spending time together. Hope our paths cross again. Wish you the best with your family and the adventure that lies ahead.”

–Dave, Pretorien 35′ delivery from Seattle to Juneau