IMG_0036_1Kelsey Boesch

Kelsey Boesch is the master chef on-board all of our voyages.  She spliced with captain Frost’s life and onto Pacific NW Expeditions by “coming in through the cabin windows,” and has endured baptism by fire since that point.  This native Minnesotan is currently gaining serious offshore miles in some of the most treacherous waters known to mankind.  She also endures the relentless abuse of the captain, day-in and day-out, one day hoping to rise up and take command of the ship at an opportune moment.  In the meantime, captain Frost keeps a weather eye on her, careful not to bite the hand that feeds the crew.  For those who have made the long passage, they know there’s no better sight than Kelsey’s smile as she serves up the grub and the grog from the ship’s galley.  She truly knows that happy crew is a well-fed crew!