1/2 way to St. Helena

Date: Jan. 23, 2017, noon Position: 24 30.91 S, 5 17.96 E

In the early morning hours we passed our 1/2 way mile to St. Helena. All day today the sailing conditions were better than ideal. Perfect temperature day and night (72 F), perfect breeze (13-14 knots), perfect sea state (gentle & low), and a nice blue sky with little puffy trade wind “popcorn” clouds. The boat scooted along at 6-7 knots, perfectly balanced, and we didn’t have to touch a thing with the sails or monitor all day. It was enough for me to just watch the boat cut through the electric-blue waters all day long, and the hours passed by in the blink of an eye.

Nep and I each got a nice long nap today, and we squeezed fresh glasses of OJ with our remaining oranges. I battled the cockroaches in the galley, who have set up a headquarters in the refrigerator compressor. They seem to like the heat that it generates. We did a bit more polishing and tidying up the boat, and had an extremely pleasant day. This is what sailing is all about!!

In the evening the winds freshened up a bit so we put a double-reef in the Mainsail and the Yankee for a comfortable ride through the night. The winds are coming 150 degrees over the port quarter, and the boat is nicely balanced & riding on an even keel. Forecast is for slightly stronger breeze for the next day or two as a few highs and lows dance it out with each other further to the south, which should give us a great push to the NW.

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