A few pics of our trip

Hi from Nelson, NZ everyone!!  Privateer is snug in her new slip, and Kelsey and I have been on the road and camping “in the bush” as they say…

I’ll be posting many photos and more ocean journals soon, so stay posted.  Thanks eveyone who has been following along!

We are thrilled to have made it all the way across the Pacific, leg one of he Great voyage.  We are already planning for leg 2–the Indian Ocean, New Zealand to Cape Town, Africa.

Here are a few photos for now–bear with me–I’m not good at technology.  But we do have a good internet connection finally!

Sailing in the South Pacific is so amazing!

Departing Anaho Bay, Marquesas at sunset. Outward bound for Eiao.

Kelsey's grown a lot bigger since this photo was taken. She uses the machete to hack into the coconuts we find on the beach!

More to come soon!

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  1. Kate MacMillan Says:

    Pete delivered my Gillmer Blue Moon from Victoria to Seattle, with my son in law Trevor Vernon several years ago.
    She (Blue Moon, “Katie & Ginny”, originally my Dad’s boat) and I live happily in Port Townsend, WA now.

    Beautiful belly! Tell us more, please. Some good details!
    Mother of two, grandmother of four, great fondness of the miracles within such beautiful bellies. Surely the most amazing thing that has happened in my life!

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