April 1, 2014 Tsunami Alert

Tsunami Alert. We are safe at sea in deep water. At 1900 local we have received an order to evacuate Atuona Harbor immediately. An 8.0 earthquake has reportedly struck the coast of Chile and generated a tsunami. A possible tsunami is scheduled to arrive at Hiva Oa at 0030-0100 local. 3 years ago a similar earthquake hit Chile and Atuona Harbor was sucked completely dry. No Thank You!! Fortunately, Privateer was already ship-shape with decks cleared for sea work when we received the orders. I am proud to report that we were the first of 13 boats to leave the harbor!

We are spending a pleasant night at sea in 8,000 foot deep waters, taking advantage of our “forced night sail” and motor-sailing to windward in very light conditions, to the island of Fatu Hiva, 40 miles distant. We should make landfall at sunrise and cannot wait to see Fatu Hiva!

We’ve learned an important lesson that the boat must always be ready for sea on a moment’s notice, and as always, be prepared to change plans at the drop of a hat.

0537 Zulu
09 52′ 19″ S
139 00′ 17″ W
SOG 4.4 kts

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