August 18, 2014 Viani Bay

Bula!  We are still in beautiful Viani Bay, and are about to get a great weather window to sail to the Lau group–the most isolated islands in Fiji.  Today I went for another dive with some friends on the White Wall & through the caves, and we’re going out to another site tomorrow.  Miraculously, a dive shop on Taveuni Island had a new mask that fit me!  Yesterday we took friend’s sailboat over to Taveuni and hiked the rainforest on the wet SE side of the island.  We went swimming in the plunge pools at the bases of some great waterfalls.  The forest was mostly fern trees and a massive version of the bracken-ferns we have in Alaska.  The stems were as thick as my arm and they grow over 20 feet tall!

We’re very excited for the Lau group, and are carefully plotting our course, as it is basically uncharted waters.  We use GPS coordinates that other cruisers have used without incident, punch them into our GPS, and connect the dots.  No messing around or taking chances in Fiji–there are reefs everywhere!

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