Barreling along…

Date: Sept. 8, 2016, 4 a.m. Position: 18 51.97 S, 76 33.35 E

Winds and seas have calmed a bit since the gales of the past few days, but we are still riding 20-25 knots of E-SE breezes and occasional squalls that are lingering with the passage of the cold front. It’s a good wind, and just the one we need to get us there! We’ve reduced the poled-out Yankee to a small scrap of sail, and are riding comfortably with #2 reef main sheeted all the way out, storm Staysail sheeted flat for our “shark fin” stabilizing sail, and the Yankee scrap. Wind angle is 150 on port tack and boat speeds hovering around 6.5-7 kts. The motion below is tolerable, with occasional lurching when we get punched by a wave crest.

We swapped out one of the blocks on our steering control line and rigged a fresh new line, as the existing one was frayed, because the block was chewing it up. Kelsey and I managed to do it all while the boat was under way! The task was small fry compared to yesterday’s adventures

Taz picked up the phrase “cool, dude” today and for some reason it really cracks him up! He laughs hysterically as he repeats it over and over again. He even woke up at 1 AM last night and started saying it as he chuckled to himself.

We made 135 miles noon-to-noon because of our time spent on the repair yesterday. GRIB reports look good and we should have great tail winds for a few more days, with the last two days being light winds and possibly motor-sailing for the final 48 hours of the passage. It’s all a few days out yet, so we’ll see what happens. Our current ETA for Rodrigues is Sep. 13 by nightfall.

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