Feb 5, 2012 Baranof


We carried coffee and bathing accessories down to the L-tub for an early morning soak. The beloved L-tub is located in one of the resident’s bath houses, a simple wooden structure with windows” (no glass) open to the bay and views straight out to Chatham. It’s nestled on a hillside amongst the trees and located far enough from all the usual summer activity.  Pete surprised me with a spruced up bath house which he referred to as the spa.  He had stashed all the belongings left behind by previous bathers out of sight and we claimed the place as our own, even if just for the morning.  The water had finally reached a comfortable soaking temperature and we whittled the hours away during this first winter visit.  This newfound free time was a luxury!  Evidence of sunrise was still in the sky.  During the summer we like to watch the activity of boats coming and going from our quiet perch.  The lack of distractions during the winter allowed us to pay closer attention to the natural world–birds chirping in the nearby trees, ducks riding the current at the base of the waterfall and evolving weather conditions.  This was our version of paradise.  In the evening, we headed to dinner at the lodge and visited with friends from the nearby hatchery who’d arrived in their sailboat.

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