Date: July 24, 2016, 4 a.m. Position: 11 58.81 S, 120 48.67 E

We’re back on the Trade Wind Gravy Train, slugging back the ocean miles. Unbelievably the GPS is pegged at 8 knots, up to 9 knots of solid, smooth sailing. We’ve got low seas, 18 knots of breeze, and nice puffy little trade wind clouds dotting the sky. Currently the moon is bright and it’s the perfect temperature to carry out the night watch in a pair of underwear. The sails are full and stretched wing-and-wing, and our Monitor steers a true course directly on the rhumb line for Christmas Island, now 800 miles away.

Belowdecks, a nice easy motion promotes a good sleep on the off-watch, and it’s actually smoother now than many of our nights at anchor. Kelsey seared up some fresh Tuna steaks for dinner, and Taz had a good afternoon of running back and forth across the cabin, one hand clutching his bouncy ball and the other hand to steady himself in the seas. He’s got true sea legs now, with nice firm musculature to them, with an anticipation of movement for the next swell ahead.

Spent most of the day listening to music while watching an endless cascade of flying fish leap out of our bow wave.

Basically, this is what it’s all about!

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