Indian Ocean Pirate!

Date: Oct. 23, 2016, 4 a.m. Position: 20 56.36 S, 55 17.25 E

Greetings from L’ile de la Reunion! We are safe in harbor and preparing for the big upcoming passage to South Africa. And…we also have some big news! Taz is going to be a big brother soon! The Indian Ocean is bringing us another child. One for the Pacific and One for the Indian…

Kelsey is currently 14+ weeks pregnant and due around April 20. We’ve known for quite some time (since Cocos Keeling) and it was a bit of deja-vu when we found out. Yet again, we were on a remote coral atoll out in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by coconuts and hermit crabs, and Kelsey was even wearing the same dress. It was meant to be…

Our cruising plans have changed radically to accept the upcoming circumstances. We’ve decided to have this baby in the USA, partly due to the expense and hassles we faced having Taz abroad. Also, partly due to the fact that South Africa is the last stop before we’d sail to Zika inflicted countries, which eliminates South & Central America and the Caribbean as options for Kelsey right now. Kelsey and Taz will hop on a plane in mid-January and fly from Cape Town, South Africa to Minnesota.

My Dad is flying into Cape Town in January and the two of us are preparing to deliver Privateer 7,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic, with brief stops at St. Helena and an island or two in the Caribbean before making landfall in Florida. From there, we’ll try to make our way back to MN as soon as possible, so I can get back to Kelsey and Taz in time for the birth.

We are thrilled that Taz is getting a sister or brother! The new baby has now almost crossed the entire Indian Ocean in the womb, much like Taz did in the Pacific.

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