Jan 21, 2012 Baranof


Early to rise and early out the door, we went to tackle the many inches of snow already on the ground.  Fortunately, it was light and fluffy which made for a quick job.  It was a good thing that Pete had enough gas to snow blow camp.  More ice returned to the inner bay with the changing of the tide.  Warming temperatures have turned the ice into slush and water has started to flow where it was frozen before.  On the ice sheet that encloses Privateer, upwellings have created circular formations that resemble jumbo sand dollars.

The hydro pressure looked stable today, and we were back in the cabin before noon.  From inside, we watched the snow fall heavy and fast and it looked much like pouring rain.  Since we started the job this was the first afternoon we were granted the luxury of a mid-day break.”  I worked on putting together a pot of barley soup.  Pete was feeling antsy (he was becoming one with the snow blower) but I liked being in the cabin during the day as a change.  He declared it a snow day,” referring to the days we were given off of school when an extreme Minnesotan snowfall hit.  On these days, all there is to do is watch the snow come down and play around in it.   Although we considered a snowshoe, I was feeling too nested.  Plus, it was nice to have a break from the constant physical activity.  Soon enough, though, we were back at it, and worked to lessen our snow removal for tomorrow.  We got a whopping 6” in just a few hours!

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