Jan 25, 2012 Baranof

32° SLEET & SNOW, 31° SNOW   7” SNOW

Despite the fallen and falling snow, a morning of recovery” was in order and we allowed ourselves a late start.  A change of activity was needed.  I prepared a breakfast of sausage and oatmeal pancakes and Pete straightened out the house, which has been hard to keep tidy while in crisis mode.  We’ve been necessarily obsessive about snow removal and given to sheer exhaustion by the day’s end.  Back at snow removal this afternoon, the first order of business was dusting off the boat cover and clearing the float plane dock.

It began to sleet and we kept an eye out for any shedding decks.  In some places, the snow is stacked many feet above our heads.  We devoted the afternoon to widening a long tunnel created from a combination of snowfall build-up and snow blowing.  While I trimmed down the sides of the snow hedges with my shovel, Pete came along with the snow blower to clean up the mess.  As we took a hot tub tonight, we watched the snow continue to fall and were better able to appreciate the beauty of it from this vantage point.

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