Jan 31, 2012

34° RAIN, 32° CLEAR   1” SNOW

Indeed, the boardwalks were all a mess, covered with the kind of slop that finds it way into any cracks in your rubber boats.  We removed the snow that we could without endangering ourselves.  Then, Pete worked on fixing one of the snowblowers.  Come afternoon, we headed to the lodge for a routine visit that consisted of checking email, dinner and the double feature of The Daily Show & The Colbert Report.  I used their facilities and took the best Alaskan shower to date, steaming hot and highly pressurized! We remembered our snow blower gas this time around.  Two jerry cans should do us for awhile and, silently, we’re hoping we won’t need much of it at all (we don’t want to say anything aloud and jinx it). The stars were out for our magical row home and the moonlight illuminated white peaks all around.

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