Jan 8, 2012 Point Baker

Morning came and the winds were still blowing fierce, forcefully rocking the boat to and fro at the dock.  I had been restless last night, waking with the loud gusts.  It was clear that the storm had yet to blow out and, tuning into the VHF radio, we learned that the forecast had been upgraded to 30kt winds + 7ft seas out in Sumner Strait.  Pete made the prudent decision to stay put until we could make a safe crossing.  We lay snug in bed, gray sky above and rain pelting the glass of the butterfly hatch.  One storm system passed, an opening of blue sky appeared midday and light flooded the cabin before the wind, rain and a bit of snow returned as another system, an arctic front.  Assessing the wind and wave activity out in Sumner through the binoculars, we could tell how well protected we were here in what feels like a little village in the backwaters.  We are so glad to have this refuge!  Tonight is relatively calm and we look forward to the Sumner crossing tomorrow.  We’re prepared for cold and snow but the forecast is promising and the winds favorable.  Our fur bomber hats are drying by the fire in anticipation of tomorrow and we’ll don our one-piece survival suits for the first time this season.  Here comes winter!

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  1. Vicky Says:

    Awwww! I love this picture!!! xoxo

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