July 15, 2008 Ketchikan to Santa Anna Inlet

The Clarence strait was exactly as I remembered from before.  Rough waves rolled down from the north as the wind stiffened, and Silent Partner buried her nose into each oncoming wave as her speed decreased.  Today was supposed to be the lightest winds in a whole week of northerlies however, so we took what we could get.  It was as if Alaska was saying “Go Back!”  I passed the helm off to Colleen and worked out some math and alternate plans, but when I came back on deck she had the boat speed up again, and the waves calmed down.  It’s rough out there where the Behm Canal pours into the Clarence strait!  After the long run up the Clarence we sailed off on a broad reach through Ernest sound, as the wind gradually died off to calm.  The weather is cloudy with a threat of rain, something we are growing used to ever since Ocean Falls…..  It is proving to be a very wet summer up here in Alaska.  But it wasn’t raining at the moment.  Beautiful snow-capped mountains surround us on all sides, all the time up here.  The sea turned to glass and we put the hook down in Santa Anna Inlet, a peaceful place I’m very fond of.  Colleen and I hiked up to the lake there and sat in the complete stillness for awhile.  Back on board we cook dinner, read, and listen to the crackle of the wood stove.

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