July 29, 2014 Savusavu

July 29, 2014
At anchor: Savusavu, Fiji

We are in Fiji and loving it!!  The people are super friendly and the mix of Fijians and Indians is fascinating.  Crazy how we can sail just 400 miles over the horizon and meet a completely different people & culture!  We are getting ready to go full native this week, and are stocking up on sulus, trading items, and yangona (kava) which we must present to each village chief.  We’ll be visiting many island areas that are just newly opened last year to contact with the outside world.  Fortunate political timing!

Prices in Fiji are by far the best yet.  We had a delicious South Indian lunch for just $2.50 USD today.  Indians make up 50% of Fiji’s population and it is wonderful to be in contact with the culture.  Makes me miss India!  The landscape here is awesome and we’re looking forward to some of the best snorkeling and Scuba in the world.  Fiji gets “the Cat’s Pajamas” rating in our book, as Kathy B would say.  We can’t wait to explore.

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