June 23, 2014 Suwarrow

At Anchor: Suwarrow Atoll

13 15′ S

163 06′ W

Surrounded by coral reefs and SHARKS!  They pursued the boat immediately when we entered the anchorage.  We threw a tuna carcass off the beach on the island (motu) here and the sharks actually came out of the water and onto the beach, heads snapping it down in 3 seconds flat.  Got soaked from the spray, as 6 or 7 sharks tore the carcass into pieces, with dozens approaching from the depths.  Then a really big shark (“that’s the bad one”, said the caretaker) came up and started biting the smaller sharks.  It also has a reputation for biting people too…  SCARY!!  The bay is infested with them and they circle relentlessy below the dinghy.

We’ve had excellent sailing conditions and had a great 700 mile passage to here.  We will take our next weather window and sail another 500-700 miles for Tonga, Samoa, or Nuie depending on how the winds blow us 🙂

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