June 28, 2008 Walker Cove to Fury Cove

Silent Partner made her 5th successful crossing of the Queen Charlotte Sound today. We were so lucky to have a calm, clear morning. The sun was already lighting up the eastern sky when we pulled up the anchor at 0330. Sun-up found us gently rolling through a low south-westerly swell. We gained Cape Caution by 0800 in calm weather. Right off the Cape we sighted a Humpback whale. Almost too soon, the crossing was over. We motored into Fury Cove and threw down the hook. Another Humpback mooned around in the entrance to the Cove. I must say that I’m a bit surprised to see so many Humpbacks this year! We’re getting lucky with the whales. Colleen had taken a Dramamine tablet earlier in the day, and it made her feel sick and drowsy. She might have been better off without it. I think that Dramamine stuff just makes people sicker than if they had taken nothing at all…. We both fell asleep in the sunny afternoon at anchor, relieved after the big crossing. I put away all of my charts, weather forecasts, books, and all other things pertaining to navigation. The crossing went so smooth and fast that it was almost as though it was all a dream…. Later in the day Colleen and I explored the white clamshell beach and a cabin nearby. It felt good to lie down on the shady beach rocks and look out to the boat. With the Queen Charlotte Sound behind us, I can now focus my energy on the northern coast of the Inside Passage. Many great choices and routes lie in front of us. It will be like one of those “Choose your own adventure” books I read as a kid. Apparently, Fury Cove is a popular anchorage among the cruising circle. Soon ten other boats filled the anchorage.

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