March 10, 2011 Walker Cove to Philip Inlet

Today we made the dreaded “crossing” of Cape Caution, our most exposed section of seas on in Inside Passage!  Today was an “it’s as good as it gets for March” weather day.  Still a leftover slop from yesterday’s 60 knot SE storm that swept through here.  But there was enough of a window–just wide enough!–for us to sneak across in between storms.  Two huge storms are currently battering the north and south BC coast, and the central coast where we are was in a state of limbo until the evening.  We reefed the main down and made all haste for the cape!  It turned into a beautiful day and we even lost our wind for awhile, and had to motor past the cape in sort of an anti-climax.  I am extremely grateful that yesterday’s 24 foot seas out here are only 10 feet today, all swell and no wind waves.  Kelsey blasted the air horn as we gained the cape, and crossed into the wilderness of the Northern BC coast.  When we came abeam the Egg Island light station, Kelsey “cracked the egg” as we sailed by.  She cracked one of our Van Anda eggs into the sea in traditional recognition of a successful crossing.  Almost before we knew it, “Privateer” sailed into the lee of Calvert Island where the swells instantly died off.  For an hour there was a flurry of commercial shipping activity: helicopters landing on Egg Island, several close passes with big ships heaving out into the ocean swells, and one of the Alaska State Ferry “blue canoes” passed us a mile off.  We made a bee-line for Philip Inlet and tucked safely within its confines by late afternoon.

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