March 16, 2014 Fast Sailing!

158 mile sailing day yesterday! Excellent trade wind sailing, flying fish landing on the deck and jumping all around the boat. Dolphins jumping out of the waves under the full moon. We are knocking back the miles to the equator. Put out our tuna gear today and still enjoying veggies. This is awesome sailing. Beam reaching on dbl reef main, dbl reef yankee, stays’l, 15-18 knots, balanced out with magic Monitor steering away. We haven’t touched the helm since the Golden Gate. Full fuel tanks, full water tanks thanks to the Spectra, solar power by day and wind power by night are keeping battery voltages fully charged and floating at 13.1-13.4 volts, even under full power demand. Totally rad.

0248 Zulu
14 44′ 55″ N
127 01′ 13″ W
SOG 6.6 kts

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