March 3, 2011 Sidney to Silva Bay

At the 0600 alarm we shot out of bed and got underway immediately.  We had a very relaxing sail all day today, riding a light southerly wind (leftovers from the previous day’s storm) as we glided up the Trinconalmi Channel.  Morning dawned partly sunny as fantastic pink show squalls swept the top of Saltspring Island.  Most of the day we were dry, but we did get nailed by two of the squalls.  The second squall dumped an inch of fine hail on our decks as I cinched up the hood of my Mustang suit to protect my head!  Occasionally, we fired up the engine to maintain good speed over ground toward our destination.  But most of the day we relaxed under sail while watching all the pretty islands and cliffs slide by.  Kelsey made a fantastic lunch with our chicken leftovers– “lettuce wraps” inspired by PF Chang.  They were AWESOME!  We basked in the sun while we ate!  Tides were just right for slipping through the current-ridden Gabriola Pass at the end of the day.  An uneventful transit– just the way we like it!  We found a nice quiet corner in Silva Bay and dropped the hook for the night.

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