March 7, 2014 Mexican Latitudes

Entering into Mexican latitudes tonight! We screamed down the entire CA coast and are now in warming climates. Top boat speeds of 12.6 kts and past two days making 7-10. Sea temps up from 56 to 62 degrees, sunny skies and friendly seas. Using GRIB files to great advantage! Hoping to pick up the NE trades in 3 days time, until then looks like some good light N winds. Full sail under sunny skies and waxing moon! Monitor 100% awesome awesome awesome. One control line chafed through outer sheath–simple fix just giving it a 180. Spares on board. Spirits high and Kari is knocking out boat projects left and right! Everyone falling into rhythm and watch rotations. Fair winds and great forecast next two weeks out. YEAH!!!!

0318 Zulu
33 08′ N
123 08′ W
SOG 5.8 kts

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