October 25, 2014 Motoring Through the High

October 25, 2014
36 52′ S
171 39′ E
SOG: 5.0 kts under power

Last night the winds and seas picked up greatly and gave us a thorough thrashing.  The waves were “hollow” and throughout the night we’d slam into the holes.  Despite the conditions, we still managed a good tack at 5 knots.  I didn’t sleep and had to stay up the whole night.  Finally around 0400 the winds abated as we entered the high pressure system.  We got under power and have been steaming ever since–a welcome relief!  We’re burning through our remaining fuel in the hopes of making it through to the westerlies on the bottom of the high.

Nep took the watch all day today while I slept, so I’m all caught up now!  We’re back on regular watches now and looking forward to the westerly winds.  The decks and rig are so salty right now that it looks like fresh snow has fallen on the boat!

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