September 26, 2014 Matuku to Levuka

September 26, 2014
18 09 S
179 11 E
SOG: 5.4 kts

We’re on a nice beam reach, 12-13 knots of easterlies, headed to Levuka.  Just the jib rolled out and we’re gliding along at 5-6 knots as the Monitor steers us through the gentle swells.  We stripped down our primary winches and re-built them in Fulanga, and they are clicking smoothly again.  They were packed with rock salt and dust after being at sea for so long!

The other night Kelsey got a surprise when she went to take a shower–out of the lazarette leapt our missing Coconut Crab!  It had been in there for about 10 days and came out fighting.  This morning we released him on the beach in Matuku, in a nice grove of Coconut trees.  We knew he hadn’t jumped ship and swam to shore…

Last night we had Indian curry dinner with our friends on Tuuletar after a day of snorkeling with the sea turtles.  For the past two months we’ve been hanging out with 3 other boats, all with crews our age.  It’s been great to meet new friends from all over the world!  Mark on Tuuletar has been showing us how to use the SSB radio and it has opened up a whole new aspect of cruising–and greatly increases our margin of safety!

The 100-mile passage tonight is a significant one for Kelsey and I–it is the last big sail we’ll have together BB–before baby.  Just the two of us on one last quiet night watch under a warm sky of stars.

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