Squared away

Date: Sept. 5, 2016, 4 a.m. Position: 17 31.73 S, 84 48.56 E

The new high pressure system is filling in now and we are screaming along on our beam reach, with 20 knot winds just aft of the beam. Our current speeds are between 7-8 knots. The winds are more out of the south now, and we have adjusted our course to ride comfortably down the rhumb line. All of our southing in lighter winds is paying off now, with our improved angle to destination now.

This morning and afternoon we squared away “Privateer” and gave everything a good sweep and polish. The less we need to do in the heavier seas to come, the better. Everything is ship-shape and in top form. In the evening we double-reefed the Yankee and snugged up the cringles in the the #2 reefed Main. The winds piped up right on cue at sunset and we are riding comfortably.

Last night I had an epiphany about a Taz-proofing problem. We’ve needed some sort of baby gate to keep him from wandering into the galley (especially near the gimballed stove) and into the forward head. Basically, we needed some sort of way to contain him in the main saloon. I kept on telling myself I’d find some plywood in port to make one, but suddenly realized we already had the perfect pieces on board! The dinghy floorboards are the perfect height and fit. A few grip clamps and voila–Taz now has a safe zone on the saloon floor. With his toys, potty, and high chair on hand, he’s pretty stoked. He’s been running around in circles chanting “wild rumpus, wild rumpus, wild rumpus!” He can watch Mom in in the galley and still see the “big boy potty” in the head, and we can easily step over it. I wish we’d thought of this sooner! The best solutions on board always use something you’d have to stow anyway, and putting it to good use instead. Dinghy floorboard/baby gate…who’d have thought? We’re about 8,000 miles from the nearest Babies-R-Us (thank god) so necessity is the mother if invention.

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