August 29, 2014 Bay of Islands

August 29, 2014
17 11′ S
179 01′ W
At Anchor: Bay of Islands (Vanua Balavu)

We’ve been riding at anchor in an incredible maze of volcanic islands.  The land is rugged and impossible to walk on, so we are enjoying exploration by dinghy.  We did find one sandy Tombolo but got a creepy vibe from the place, like it was haunted…  There are so many hidden passages that it’s easy to get lost!  The rock is similar to the rocks in my parent’s backyard pond in MN–jagged and porous.  It’s like being in a giant pond universe…  The bats come out at sunset, and we have the whole maze to ourselves…  Underwater–soft corals, clownfish, and the most unusual blue fish.  Yesterday we swam with a pod of miniature squid that changed color as they hovered in the water.

Kelsey’s belly is getting big and the baby is thumping away every day!  Enjoying the solitude and being just the two of us, before we are three 🙂  Relaxing and working on various boat projects.  Life is good!!


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