September 3, 2014 Sailing to Fulunga

September 3, 2014
17 21′ S
179 01′ W
SOG: 6.1 kts

We’re under sail again, straddling the Eastern & Western hemispheres and making way for Fulunga, 125 miles distant.  Fulunga is in the most remote corner of Fiji and we’ve heard amazing reports from the few who have visited before.  It was hard to leave the Bay of Islands in Vanua Balavu behind.  The leathery bats flying over the mast every evening looked like mini Draculas.  Our friend Biu baked a pan of delicious rolls over the open fire for us, using flaming coconut husks atop a piece of sheet metal for the dutch oven effect.

It feels good to be under sail again, at ease with the Monitor making all the miles, and the solar panels powering our watermaker.  Fiji is going through a big drought and we hear that Fulunga is entirely out of water, so we hope to make a surplus for the villagers.  The trade winds are settling down for the season and we’ll hopefully be on this easy beam reach through the night, unless the winds go light.

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