Feb 7, 2012 Baranof


I’m relishing in this warm” weather and have learned that warmth is a relative thing.  It feels like spring is in the air, though perhaps this is wishful thinking.  We’ve lost the top layer of snow and the boardwalks are nearly melted out.  After a three-hour sunrise soak I set out to shovel another roof’s pile.  This roof shedding caused some minor damage, taking out a wooden staircase railing.  Yet another poorly designed property, unsuited to the Alaskan winter!  Christine’s dog, Emily (referred to as the town’s harbormaster”), stood by my side and kept me company.  She has a strong, independent spirit and will stick around only if she’s in the mood.  During the summer, Emily is keen on greeting boats at the dock and accepting their generous culinary offerings and has become a stowaway on more than one occasion!  We had looked forward to spending time with Emily this winter, but her appearances are all too brief.  She probably prefers to stay snug in the cabin during these frigid months.  While I shoveled, Pete worked on boat projects.  With the change in weather, we’re getting anxious to go cruising!  Dave & Anke showed up unexpectedly this afternoon and we happily joined them up at the grotto for a soak.  Life is good!

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