Feb 9, 2012 Baranof


Last year’s caretaker had towed four logs ashore to be bucked up for firewood.  John told us that we were welcome to them in order to replenish his firewood supply.  Lying near the high tide line, the logs were now tunneled into the snow and we had to dig out the accessible halves and melt out the rest with our unlimited supply of hot water and a long snake of hoses.  As the tide creeped higher than expected, we worried that we’d untied the logs prematurely.  Pete put us on log watch” during the top of the tide and, fortunately, the buggers did not stray.  We plan to get to work on them tomorrow.

From the L-tub we watched the weather take a sudden turn for the worse, ominous skies overtook the bay and white caps stirred up out in Chatham.  A major wind storm with 60 knot gusts and 3 ft waves hit in the evening.  I’d never seen it blow up like this in the bay, as we’re normally quite protected.  We frequently checked on Privateer as the dock bucked violently and the waves washed over the airplane float. The float might not make it through the night by the looks of it.  Even a few of the dock pilings looked somewhat dubious and we hoped they would hold!

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