Jan 2, 2012 Heritage Harbor to Inner Harbor, Wrangell

Today was a “best case scenario” day, when the good old ship’s engine fired right up on the first crank!  The day broke clear and sunny, with temps around 42.  It felt like an early spring day, and the seas all around SE Alaska are glassy and friendly.  Kelsey and I made the best of our situation and “went for a boat ride” to the inner harbor, where we can better access the town for all the trillion errands we need to run.  “Privateer” glided out of her slip as if she were steering herself, and perked up as we exited the harbor.  We are so excited for our winter adventure!

No power at the inner harbor docks so we had to burn a long fire in the wood stove–very nicely drying the boat out!  There is nothing better in the world to dry a boat with.

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