Jan 4, 2012 Wrangell to St. John Harbor

Winter voyage to Baranof begins today!  Last night the wind blew up strong and gusty until 0500 in the morning.  I was anxious to start, watching the clock closely.  The daylight hours are so precious–about 6-7 hours for good, safe sailing.  Throw in an adverse current (almost a full moon now), any winds over 30 knots, and the desire to seek anchorages early–and the days become very narrow indeed…

The morning light broke cool and clear with brilliant rays of sunshine.  The wind left us when the sun came up.  For the past few nights the wind howls during the dark hours, and settles a bit during the daylight hours.  Our sailing day begins at 0830 and ends preferably by 1430 or 1500.  By 1530 it is dusk and 1630 it is full dark night.  I’ve decided on a route through the Rocky Pass.  That way, each leg to Baranof between safe anchorages is no more than 20-22 miles apart from each other.

**for a full account of the voyage and our time at Baranof, read Kelsey’s journals!

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