Date: March 15, 2017, noon Position: 26 0.36 N, 75 3.03 W

We reached latitude 26 N just before 0200 hrs and hove-to. We could see lightning on the horizon from the massive storm to our north. Good thing we are where we are! For the past 24 hours now we’ve basically remained in the same 6 NM patch of ocean, parked.

The first wave of west winds came on rapidly with a visible band of cloud stretching across the horizon. Our backed sails filled and Privateer created the classic “slick” that magically flattens the seas just before they reach the boat. It looks like you’re about to get clobbered by big breaking seas, when all of a sudden the foam crumbles and disappears just feet from the boat. I am very pleased at times like this to have the full keel and cutter rig–Privateer heaves-to like a textbook best-case scenario.

We spent a relaxing day, watching for traffic & calling a few freighters here & there that looked like they were going to pass close. Looks like we’re on the Gibraltar to Miami shipping lane… It’s amazing how many freighters there are criss-crossing the globe. We watched a movie in the afternoon and made tacos for dinner. Not much else to report here–we’re just patiently biding our time until the winds shift in our favor. Today was kind of a nice reflective pause for me to contemplate the voyage as a whole, before we make our busy landfall. We have come a long, long, long, long way! I was able to put in some sat phone calls to the marinas and boatyards today, and have arranged for a slip in West Palm Beach on arrival for a few days, and then on to Indiantown boatyard for the haul-out, scheduled March 23 at 1000 hrs. We’ll be sailing into the madness of Spring Break 2017 on the beaches of Florida–that’ll be pretty weird!

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