On Our Way!!

Date: March 16, 2017, noon Position: 25 54.45 N, 75 45.23 W

Sunrise–winds 18 knots N-NW. Not the ideal wind angle yet, but if we are to landfall in Florida in the morning (always preferred) we needed to leave at daybreak (283 NM to go). I unlashed the tiller & eased the staysail sheets. Privateer took off through the waves and we jibed her around and sailed back on course toward the NE Providence Channel, Bahamas. It feels great to be on our way again!

With just 2 days left at sea, we’re on our final round of watch rotations now. Each on-watch we have now will be the last of its kind. It’s a very exciting time! Not only that, but the weather forecasts are shaping up very nicley, and it looks like clear sailing the rest of the way (for now). We’ll sail on under the high as it builds, and the wx charts are showing the high will park itself right over West Palm Beach for a day while we make landfall, which should bring us nice calm conditions for our approach from the Gulf Stream, and for finding our slip in the marina. The relief that I feel right now is so sweet. I am elated!! You can’t have this feeling without the pit in your stomach that you feel for days as you sail into worsening weather, as we did last week.

The seas were still pretty boisterous today and we sailed on pressed into the wind, at a 15-20 degree angle of heel. Our double-reef is still set in the Mainsail and the tiller pilot is managing the load well, as we have a very balanced rig. Just now, a freighter passed close by, not showing on AIS. They really sneak up on you a lot quicker when you don’t see the green triangles on the GPS chart-plotter… It’s a good reminder to always be looking over your shoulder. Many other freighters these past few days have altered course for us, after we made calls to the bridge.

It’s the big count-down now!!

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