Jan 10, 2012 Keku Anchorage to Warm Springs Bay

Anxious to get to Baranof after hearing of incoming weather, we weighed anchor at 0630 and ran for an hour in the dark across Frederick Sound.  All eyes were wide and straining to focus on any notable objects in the water.  The major hazards to navigation in these waters are deadheads, logs that float vertically and which lurk largely under the surface, threatening to sink your boat.  Leaving our anchorage, we saw the eerie orange glow of a fishing boat out in Frederick Sound, but it never materialized.  As expected, we encountered messy seas near Yasha Island and Point Gardner, and it was slow going against the current.  The white-peaked skyline of Baranof Island made a dramatic statement in the distance and excitement built with our destination nearing.  Turning the corner onto Chatham Strait, the current gave us a boost and we rocketed towards Baranof at 6 knots.  The sky, mountains and water of Warm Springs Bay were all shades of gray.  My camera captured what looks a black and white photo.  It appeared wintry, indeed.  By noon we were tied up to the dock at Baranof, relieved to be in the bay perhaps a few days earlier than expected.  The town was a picture perfect winter scene, snowy spruces and hemlocks dwarfing the miniature townsite strewn along the boardwalk.  Approaching the dock, we were happy to see John, for whom we’d be relief caretaking.  He invited us up to his cabin for tea and helped us through the procedure of ordering fresh food slated to arrive on a plane from Sitka.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity and placed an order for spinach, parsley, carrots, limes and lemons.  Afternoon tea phased into dinner and the caretakers at the nearby fishing lodge joined us for the evening.  John made some excellent black bean cheesy enchiladas and Dave & Anke, our new neighbors, put together a crunchy slaw.  It was nice to have a home-cooked meal after primitive preparations on the water this past week.  Dave & Anke are a great couple who live year-round on their self-built boat cruising Southeast Alaska.  We’re looking forward to spending time with them this winter!

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