Jan 11, 2012 Baranof

We headed up to one of the resident’s soaking tubs, French press and coffee mugs in hand, only to discover that the water was unpleasantly cold.  Unfortunately the morning wouldn’t begin with a leisurely soak!  John was making the transition out of his cabin and onto his boat, a task that he hadn’t begun in earnest due to recent bout of heavy weather and the near full-time job of snow removal.  Busy with the move, he handed over caretaker duties today and Pete set off to snow blow the boardwalks.  Meanwhile, the carting of goods back and forth began, Rubbermaid totes stacked three high on the dolly.  John and I traded off empty totes, and while he stowed things away on his boat in preparation for his sail to Sitka, I loaded up totes and moved our foodstuffs into his cabin’s deep freeze and into the outdoor coolers that would serve as our mini-fridges.  Sliding around on boardwalks of slush and ice, the journey from dock to cabin could be a bit treacherous and somewhat comedic.  While the tide was high, the job was manageable.  Low tide meant two people on the dolly and a steep climb to the top of the dock ramp, followed by a cautious trip down.  In the process of moving totes onto his boat, John’s glasses fell overboard and sunk to the bottom of the bay.  A nighttime, low tide reconnaissance mission was arranged with the aid of a pole and net contraption fashioned by Dave.  Pete joined them in the dark and driving rain, but all attempts proved futile.  Without a second pair of glasses, it seems as though John will have to sail partially blind to Sitka.  Fortunately, he’s an apt seaman and so familiar with the route that he doesn’t bother to pull out the chart anymore.  Good luck to John!

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