Jan 27, 2012 Baranof

31° SNOW, 32° SNOW   8” SNOW

More snow came overnight and we hit the snow removal in the morning.  Temps that hovered around freezing made the roofs even more precarious and we tiptoed around them.  This was the first day the bay looked clear of the ice sheet all the way out to Chatham.  Gray skies overhead, it seemed a good day to spend indoors at the lodge doing the usual—laundry, internet and dinner.  We encountered much less resistance on the row over this time around.

For safety and the sake of interest, we usually closely skirt the shoreline.  We noticed a spooky sound where we passed alongside towering cliffs, the sound of the roaring waterfall echoing against the rock face.  Dave & Anke pulled out a chicken for dinner and I brought fixings for a root mash, salad (the last one!) and freshly baked brownies.  After dinner, Dave, Anke and Pete played the banjo, mandolin and guitar by the fire!  Once off the dock, we realized that we’d left behind our replenished jerry cans.  Just another reason for a visit in the near future!  We enjoyed a quiet midnight row back to camp.

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