Jan 28, 2012 Baranof

31° SNOW, 31° SNOW   6” SNOW

It was hard to force myself out the door, even though it was only a soft, powdery snow.  I cleared the float plane dock, but was still awaiting the major roof shedding event before I would shovel the cabin decks.  With pickaxe and shovel, Pete and I tackled a few gigantic snow piles around camp with hardened under layers.  We dug trenches around John’s cabin to prevent the snow from stacking up against the picture windows.

There was continuous snow today–a white-out in the morning, light snow in the afternoon and wet snow by evening.  It took us by surprise when two fishing fishing boats showed up at the dock tonight.  We knew boats would be passing through in February en route to king crab fishing grounds farther north, but hadn’t expected them just yet.  It was hard not to feel like our bay was being invaded, the bright sodium lights and the loud hum of the generators destroying the peace.

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