Jan 29, 2012 Baranof


In the early morning, Pete went down to the dock to record the names of the boats, but they had left before first light.  Snow continued to fall while the temps rose over the course of the day to just above freezing.  The trees started to release snow bombs, making a foray into the forest somewhat threatening.  John’s roof was actively shedding again, each thump reminding me of the shoveling in store.  We spotted a marten slinking alongside the cabin, unknowingly framed in our picture window.  Pete tracked its prints to underneath the cabin.  Martens are largely solitary animals and this one had obviously decided to reside in our vicinity for the winter.  He often leaves us a reminder of his presence on top of the cooler or in front of the door.

For brunch, Pete made us perfectly done dutch babies, one of his specialties.  We were low on a few basic items so in the afternoon headed to retrieve drinking water and diesel for our cabin stove.  The snow turned gummy and slippery, making it a challenge to get up the hill with the dolly.  In the end I had to abandon the dolly and walk each of the jerry cans up one by one, working up a good sweat.  Back in the cabin, we watched the snow continue to lightly fall and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.

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