July 1, 2014 The Abyss

We have slowed down and are ghosting toward the Vava’u archipelago, timing our arrival for daylight.  Today we sailed across the great Tonga Trench, a massive underwater abyss that is over 31,000 feet deep in places.  Just 20 miles from the trench, the Capricorn seamount rises to within 750 feet from the surface of the ocean.  It is mightier than the Himalayas down there!!  I can’t even imagine what it would look like, a wall of mountain higher than Everest and thousands of miles long.  Privateer is enjoying a mellow day after our “salting” yesterday (144 miles noon-to-noon).  The entire boat is crusted with thick gobs of rock-salt crystals.  Last year a Kiwi told us the ocean is saltier down here–he wasn’t kidding!  Made lots of water today so we can give the boat a good bath when we get into port.

18 10′ S

173 06′ W

SOG 4.2 kts

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