July 9, 2008 Bishop Bay to Nettle Basin

After one last soak we went on our way again. We played around with the sails a bit in variable winds. Out on the water we got what I refer to as our “second soak” in a steady downpour. We hit all our tides right and coasted through the channels. Silent Partner is back in Nettle Basin, anchored directly in front of a large waterfall. It was here several years ago that I tried out my new 60 pound Forfjord anchor after the others failed to hold. I’ve never gone back, except a few times for soft mud. The Forfjord once again took hold below the falls and held the boat rock-solid through the night. Verney falls is a great anchorage because the current is really strong and holds the boat steady. Modulus appears to be “trailing behind,” under weigh. There’s so much current that we’re leaving a wake at anchor! Another night by the wood stove, to dry out from our multiple soakings.

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