July 8, 2008 Butedale to Bishop Bay Hot Springs

The south winds finally came today, and we had a great sail to the Hot Springs at Bishop Bay, 25 miles distant from Butedale. There’s a real nice dock here and we’re relaxing in the warm waters and by the wood stove.  I accidentally slipped and fell onto the tiller, splintering the connecting point.  Damn!  I knew that was bound to happen someday, though.  I’m glad it happened while at the dock, rather than in a windy bay though.  The spare tiller will have to do until I can come up with a solution.  It continues to rain …… Our dock neighbors are very jealous of our wood stove. Apparently they have no way of heating their boat! Soaking in the tubs, stretching out by the fire, reading, and cooking. What more could you ask for?

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