March 18, 2014 162 Mile Day

Had our best noon-to-noon run yet today–162 NM! That’s 6.75 knots average speed over 24 hours. We are absolutely flying through the trade winds. Massive swarms of flying fish–thumping into the dodger all night long. Psychedelic phosphorescent dolphin show at moonrise. Kari and I put put out the fishing gear at 0800 and before we even had the line paid all the way out we caught a nice tuna! Kari filleted it and it was still twitching when it hit the pan. Fed us all for breakfast and dinner. It was the most delicious fish I’ve ever tasted. Crossed down under the 10th latitude today, watching the big dipper and north star get lower on the horizon each night. Livin’ high on the hog and EPIC sailing!

0246 Zulu
09 39′ 49″ N
127 52′ 79″ W
SOG 6.4 kts

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