March 19, 2014 ITCZ

We came into the ITCZ late last night with several squalls making our wind go a bit flukey, but we are still riding a steady 12 knot breeze. Another great noon-noon, 150NM! Our sleigh ride is over–it took us to just 441 miles north of the equator! Hopefully will be on the equator near 130 degrees West in several day’s time in lighter winds and calm seas. A pod of whales closed in on Privateer today, 4 or 5 of them trailing right behind our fishing gear. Luckily Kari got it in before they took the line! They stayed with us for a half hour or so. Days go flying by

0246 Zulu
07 13′ 05″
128 22″ 00″
SOG 6.0 kts

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