March 27, 2014 Closing the Gap!

We are quickly closing the gap to the Marquesas! It is unbelievable as of yet–we have sailed a long way. Bird life is picking up within 200 miles of the islands. We are readying the ship for landfall and she is at her best! Privateer continues to sail onward at great speed, making 153 miles yesterday. Smooth seas and steady breezes should carry us all the rest of the way. Remarkable–we haven’t touched the helm since leaving San Francisco, and have full water and fuel tanks and even our spare jerry cans! Turned the clocks to local Marquesas Island time: 91/2 hours slow on UTC, a bit of a head scratcher…We are enjoying our last few nights at sea under the southern stars before making landfall soon.

0211 Zulu
7 50′ 56″
136 51′ 92″ W
SOG 6.2 kts

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