October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014
21 59 S
175 39 E
SOG: 7.2 kts

Strong winds and a very rough sea today.  By noon we were down to double-reefed main and staysail, making 8 knots on a beam reach.  We covered 158 NM noon-to-noon since yesterday–one of our better runs!  Things are finally starting to settle out a bit, but we haven’t been able to cook a hot meal since our lobster tail dinner in Fiji waters.

We took many breaking seas over the decks and into the cockpit today–and discovered all of our clothes lockers had standing water in them!  Nep also had an “interesting” time using the head 🙂  His book on Leningrad got soaked so we pitched it into the cockpit, where it rapidly turned to pulp and got sucked out the scuppers.  Oh well–it’s flattening out now and we will clean up after a needed rest!  Privateer really is an amazing little ship.

Checked in with “Rag of the Air” net today.  There are several other boats in our vicinity and the forecast is shaping up well for the next few days.  We’ve cracked off and got the winds behind us and are looking forward to a downwind run!  Sunny skies and clear nights continue as we push deeper into the high.

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