October 17, 2014 Coasting Along

October 17, 2014
24 17 S
173 57 E
SOG: 7.0 kts

We’re coasting down the wave trains in the easterly winds.  We’re on the back side of the high now, and the seas have really evened out.  We took advantage of the day and sorted out the mess from the previous two days.  This morning I attempted our first hot meal, but the LPG solenoid burned up (our last spare) and for awhile it looked like we’d be eating cold food for the duration of the voyage!  I managed to jury-rig a new fitting sans solenoid, and we are cooking again.  I didn’t even get wet working on the bow!  What a difference a day can make.

We’re really knocking back the miles, another 158 noon-to-noon from yesterday.  The nights are growing colder as we head south into the higher latitudes.  We’re aiming just shy of Norfolk Island before we turn eastward to close with the west coast of NZ’s North Island.

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