October 18, 2014 Pleasant Sailing

October 18, 2014
26 22′ S
172 39′ E
SOG: 6.0 kts

Very pleasant sailing today in E-NE winds 15 knots on the quarter.  We’re still making westing to give the North Island of NZ as wide a berth as possible.  There’ll likely be some weather next week and we need a lot of sea room.  Tuning into the nets today, we can hear all the boats around us reporting their positions.  One is only 28 NM away!

The seas really evened out today and we dried more of the boat out.  Had my last south pacific coconut and chucked the husk over the side.  The last three days we’ve made really good mileage: 151, 154, and 145 NM on our 24 hournoon-to-noon sights.

Running off now at 120 wind angle with full jib, staysail, and double-reefed main, making 6-7 knots with occasional surfs of 10.4 knots.  Privateer really likes this angle and combo–I do too, because all we have to do is roll up the jib and we’re ready for any winds to 30 knots.

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